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Back from Hiatus

To my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ of the world,

Sorry all for the prolonged hiatus. It’s been a very busy year for myself. I have been confirmed by my church as a deacon and then later as the Chairman. So this next year will be a trying one and a busy one as I learn what God has for me in these roles. But recently, I came across John 13:1-17 and Ephesians 4:1-16. Both of these passages encompass two aspects in following Christ—being a servant leader in your community (John 13) but then expands out to encompass the body of Christ as a whole. First, let explain to you what the word “community” means to me. The word, when spoken, drives up the image of the surrounding neighborhood that you live in. And this is true, but for the follower of Christ, that word blows up into being MORE than your immediate neighborhood. It’s your work, it’s the friends you hang out with, it’s your church—if you are surrounded by people in different aspects of your life, then that is your mission field that Christ has assigned to you to reach out and serve them. Establishing relationships and meeting people where they are at is the best way to remove the bad image that the body of Christ has received in recent years—reach out to those who are Catholic who had their faith shaken by the scandal earlier this year, give a coat to a man living on the streets, volunteer to shake a bell for the Salvation Army—make your presence known on the streets as to who you are—a redeemed and broken follower of Christ.

Regarding the Ephesians passage, this is meant for your edification. Worshipping with a body of believers is meant to refresh and encourage you, and to see what God has to teach you that morning. Everyone has a hymn and a saying as Paul said in his letter to the Corinthians. No one is just there, God has a purpose for you in His church and it ultimately glorifies him.


Prayers and blessings to you all, I hope to be writing more in the future as I step into the new roles that God has for me in the next year.

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