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When someone asks me if I’ve ever been jealous of someone else.  My answer has always been yes. Over numerous things.  But none more so than something I’ve struggled with in my life since I was 10– growing up without a father.  My father is still alive, but he divorced my mother when I was 10. And no matter what others told me, I grew up feeling like my dad didn’t want me. I grew up jealous of my friends who had awesome times with their fathers and learned many life skills from them that i still have to learn. One thing I did learn was that i would never leave my wife or child like that and leave my son or daughter feeling I didn’t want them. See, nothing hurts worse than to feel rejected by someone who is supposed to love you unconditionally. God filled that void with other men, but it wasn’t the same as having a father in the home.

Men, it’s important for kids to have a father in their lives. Why? For sons, its so that they can have a great example of what being a godly man looks like, for daughters it’s so that they can have a template, a good example of what a godly husband will look like. Without that example, a family can descend into chaos.

What brings this up? Valentine’s day. The world says that love comes in many forms, but love comes in only one way in fafher father and husband…and that is self-sacrifice. Loving others means putting your life last. Chocolates, flowers, cards, stuffed animals, jewelry, and fancy dates are fine, but if you’re looking for if that man truly loves you, look at where he puts others in his life, as well as you. If he’d go out of his way for you or someone to meet a need, hes someone to keep around.

Ladies, this is kind of directed at you. Don’t fall for the first schmuck you see, no matter his looks, his things, or his success. If you dont make that boy work for your heart, and if he doesn’t love God first, you’ll feel like I did growing up… lonely and unwanted.


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