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Dear Society


Dear Society,

Speaking primarily to American society but also to anyone in the world who wishes to read this. Society, you’ve set yourself against God’s Church, and I’m not surprised by that, since Jesus told us that it would happen, and if it didn’t, we weren’t following Him correctly if at all. But I just wish to address a few claims that you have brought against the Church. And even if you’re not part of the Christian faith, be it Mormon, Jew, Catholic, etc. we all have a faith in a higher power and that power drives us to be world changers for Him. Society, you have entered into a frame of wanting tolerance and acceptance in the world, wanting world peace, or wanting a utopian society where everyone gets along. I’m sorry to say that will never be feasible.

You push the Church out of your lives because we stand for something greater than ourselves, the Church is a reminder of why Christ came to earth–to die for your sins and to offer the gift of eternal life. It’s that reminder of sin that you don’t like, your sin makes you feel good and comfortable. It’s a falsehood though–that feeling. It won’t ever last. Whatever it is, it lasts for a time and then that feeling goes away and if you want it again, you have to go back to it. It’s like a drug–you want that high feeling and so you trap yourself within it. And eventually, you find yourself wanting out but you can’t do it on your own. There’s an answer for that.

This world is full of teen and unwed mothers, and they find that everyone has abandoned them because of it, even the Church. And for that, the Church is solely at fault. So these mothers turn to an abortion facility because they think they are doing their unborn child a favor by not bringing their child into a world where they would not be able to thrive. In this the Church is at fault for not standing up for these mothers and giving the the support they need. Adoption and also surrounding this mother-to-be with the love of Christ and offering them to help with the child is something that the Church should excel at, but it doesn’t for one reason–the Church is pushed out of those range of options by you, Society.

You blame “white, conservative, Christians” for not helping those in need, and therefore can’t be truly pro-life. Helping the poor, the helpless. But I ask you, Society, what do you keep telling people any time a religious option is offered? “We don’t need God” is what you say, because you say that you don’t have to believe in a “being in the sky” to be good. You are, in part, correct. We can do good. But doing good to others is simply not enough. God is glorified through the deeds of the Church, and the Church offers itself to those who want and ask for help, and even to those who spit in the Church’s face. I ask you, Society, could you do that? Could you offer your help and love to someone who hated you? Wronged you? Hurt you? Hurt your family? If you say yes, then you’re a liar, because I certainly know I wouldn’t be able to do that myself. However, remembering the love of God fills me up, seeing that I spat in God’s face and my sin put Christ through that trial and on that cross, and yet Christ still loved me and prayed for me by saying “They know not what they do” helps serves as a reminder that I can’t love people who hate me, but God fills me up and He loves those who hate me through me.

Society, you consistently blame the Church for not doing anything, while at the same time you tie the hands of the Church behind its back. You want the Church to help, but at the same time you don’t want it evangelizing. For the Church, the body of Christ can’t do one without the other. We minister to the sick, the imprisoned, the poor, the naked, and everyone else because we want them to come to the foot of the cross and give their lives over to God. Christ wanted us to serve, but through our serving we are also to be sharing about Christ–the two are inextricably linked to each other.

We are all sinners in the Church, and when you get a bunch of messed up people together there is going to be mistakes made by the Church. But we come together to worship God and wish to make Him more a part of our lives. And we wish to make you a part of the family of God–for we are all, by adoption, sons and daughters of the King.

Society, don’t rush to judgment about someone simply because they have an opinion about something, but haven’t done anything else to back it up. Just because you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean they aren’t doing anything. They could be involved with one person and trying to help them. God gifts some with helping large amounts of people at once, but He gifts others so they can just help one person, and that one person God put in that person’s life because He cares about everyone. Christ took time to help thousands at once, but He also cared about the individual, and took time to do one on one stuff.

Don’t rush to judgment about these things if you haven’t done them yourself, Society, for if you don’t do it yourself, and accuse others of not doing it–you make yourself to be a hypocrite. And no one likes those.




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