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Molech Resurgent 


If you don’t know what or who Molech is, just Google him, I was first introduced to this name in my bible. Simply put, Molech  was a figure of idol worship in ancient times–now, the fact that he was created doesn’t bother me so much. I can abide and tolerate other people’s faith systems. What I can’t tolerate are abuses made in the name of said deity. In the case of Molech, it was child sacrifice. 

When I first found this out, I said thank God that it died out. Such a disgusting practice on an innocent. Then I discovered what abortion was. And yes, I am pro-life,  not just pro-birth. But I’ve wondered how we as an advanced society can practice something so similar in barbarism to Molech worship?  And to add insult to injury, in the Roe vs Wade decision,  effectively removed the personhood of the unborn,  something that happened with the Dredd Scott decision, and that is something everyone in today’s world has decried as abominable,  but then in the same breath uphold the same said decision when it applies to an unborn baby. It’s hypocritical! 

An unborn baby is a life,  a human being.  As such, he/she deserves the very same rights and protections that you and I deserve and get. 

Some will say that it’s a woman’s right to choose–okay, then my response is this:  you exercised that right when you chose to have sex–both you and your partner. Now you don’t want to live with the consequences of your decisions. Still doesn’t give you the right to end the life. Now some of you will be afraid of what everyone will say about you if they find out you’re pregnant, you know what?  I’m going to address that side of things as well because people who shame women for having sex outside of marriage are at fault for the popularity of abortion on demand. 

Next,  the argument of abortion in the cases of rape and incest. Still not a good argument for abortion. Abortion in those instances is tantamount to punishing someone for two things:  their creation and existence.  Neither is the baby’s fault and neither is it in the baby’s control. 

To those who would shame those who get pregnant before marriage, yes it was a bad choice, it will always be a bad choice. However, what’s done is done.  No use in crying over spilled milk. That girl is alone and frightened.  She has no idea where or who to turn!  Step up and give her the support and help she needs.  She’ll be more confident as a new mother if she knows she has your support. Body of Christ,  I’m looking at you…

The main reason I am writing this is that there is an article about religious leaders blessing a new Planned Parenthood facility in Washington DC, right across from an elementary school, so there’s some sick irony.  Planned Parenthood is the bastion of today’s Molech worship, and I believe it is seeing it’s own future death. 


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