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Back to Basics


I’ve heard that Obama has been the best President we’ve had. I would highly debate that. I would say the Founding Fathers, along with Abraham Lincoln. They weren’t perfect, most would say or point out the fact they were slave owners  and when presented with the chance to abolish slavery, they failed and actually helped to make it worse. Such statements are both based on emotion and ignorant of the facts surrounding why they didn’t abolish it at the forming of the U.S. Constitution.  But that is not the point of this writing.

The Founding Fathers put into the constitution values found in the Judeo-Christian faith. This is evident from their writings, if you ever take the time to read a few. The biggest one they saw as the cause of tyranny was the depravity of the human spirit. If left unchecked, it will gratify every desire and wish that it wants. Some complain that Congress has stood in the way of what Obama wants to do,  that they should do more to represent the people. My argument is this:  by standing up to the Executive Branch, Congress IS representing the people. And when the Executive Branch stands up to Congress, it is doing the same thing.  This is what Lincoln meant by the phrase “government of the people, by the people,  and for the people.” All three branches of government are to be checking each other and the power balanced out all in the name of the preservation of YOUR freedom. Yes, I’m an idealist in this regard.  But that is borne out of a fear of seeing another USSR, Communist China, or ISIS. What happens when you centralize authority in the hands of the few or one man is you see dissenters being violently quieted, such as you saw with Clinton supporters when they dealt with anyone who opposed them (I’m speaking generally there, not all of them were authoritarian or totalitarian).

I’m the first to admit that I’m not better than Obama, I will never say I’m better than anyone because that makes me arrogant.  The difference between him and me is that I recognize that, he doesn’t. If you want proof, watch him and how he reacts to people who disagree with him on certain issues. Or how he is all for forcing organizations to set aside their long held traditional beliefs all for the sake of political correctness. Sometimes militantly so. At the behest of GLAAD, I believe it was, Obama and the Department of Education published a “hit list”of faith-based  educational institutions,  mainly colleges, that had requested and received Title IX exemptions,  mainly for their views on marriage. NO other President had ever published such a list for simply disagreeing and actually having a legitimate belief. 

So,  please forgive me if I don’t shed a tear over Obama’s farewell address, over his departure. Forgive me for not congratulating him on his presidency or thanking him for his service to the country. I refuse to do either because for many in this country who disagreed with him,  they paid with their livelihoods for that disagreement. The President is supposed to create an atmosphere of plurality in the public square (without regulating it) for every belief,  thought,  and opinion from anyone.  This President failed to do that and in fact created an atmosphere in which it was encouraged that those who agreed with him should do all they can to shut out the dissenters. 

Is this to say that the things that Obama wanted to accomplish were bad?  No, I actually agree with the idea of the ACA, but the way he went about it, how he treated people who disagreed with him, the scandals that occurred in his administration, and how he acted in the White House,  are what makes me label him a bad President.

The beauty of the First Amendment is that it should prevent what’s been going on in society under Obama’s leadership, sadly the man himself failed to realize that it applies to everyone,  not just those he deems it applies to. 

Let us hope that the new administration makes that realization. 


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