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“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”
All this talk about abolishing the Electoral College because it’s “antiquated” and “no longer needed” speaks to the extreme arrogance that one has and ignorance of the Founding Father’s knowledge in setting up our country’s way of governing. They didn’t just say, “Hey! Let’s do it this way because it’s fun and simple!” They spent MONTHS arguing and debating about how to prevent a central form of government from going the route that King George III took that led to the American Revolution. Tyranny is always one day away and it takes constant vigilance to maintain our freedom. That’s why our Founding Fathers instituted the things they did–think of it in computer terms. You have some kind of computer security right? Firewalls to protect your information from being stolen. Well, with the U.S. Constitution, that’s what the Founding Fathers meant to do–create a firewall of security to make sure we stay free and the the government stays on OUR leash. To change something for as light and frivolous as “the election didn’t go our way! Up end everything that’s been happening for 200 years!” when a few years ago, you were completely happy with how things happened, just speaks to your hypocrisy and your crybaby attitude.
Stop being so entitled and selfish.
See, the Israelites went through the same thing with their system. God was to remain their one and only King and the Levite priesthood would be His representatives on Earth. However, Israel wasn’t happy with that. “GIVE US A KING SO THAT WE MIGHT BE LIKE THE OTHER NATIONS!” They cried out to God’s prophet Samuel. And even when Samuel warned them of the dangers and tyranny of a king, they still wanted one. Israel chose an earthly way over that of God’s way, which would have been extremely better. And God, being the gracious and merciful God he is, gave them a king. But the king he chose, he decided to use it as an object lesson for the people of Israel–what can happen when a king decides to do things God’s way or his own way when he follows the desires of his heart. Saul ended up a miserable old man who was killed along with his whole family, and then God brought David on the scene to be king, and David, while still falling as a man, was a great example of someone who was after God’s own heart.
I’m not trying to draw a parallel between this and our own country’s plight. No, what I’m trying to do is draw a parallel between what God wants and what you want. Do you get upset at God when He doesn’t grant you the desires of your heart? Do you cry out against God when He keeps calling out the sin in your life? If so, have you acquiesced everything to Him or have you decided to flip the bird at God and keep trashing your life? Following God means humbling yourself before Him and understanding that the way God wants you to live is an extremely better way in which He lifts you up and He is glorified through you when others see His power working in you.
God never promised an easy life if you were to follow Him, ever seen the Tim Allen movie, the Santa Clause? There’s a particular scene where an elf explains what happened when Tim Allen put the Santa suit on, but Tim Allen’s character was not aware of that. Watch the clip below (START AT 40 SECOND MARK):


God didn’t hide ANYTHING FROM US when He explained the cost of following Him. He even told us some examples of what could happen in terms of suffering for His name. Don’t claim that you didn’t know–what you mean to say is that you didn’t WANT to know, thus meaning you never really understood what Christ has stood for.


God cannot and will not change for you, for if He did, then would He be God or would you be God? When you are in Christ, you have the freedom. Freedom from the bonds of sin, from living according to how the world wants you to and never meeting the standard. Christ met God’s standard for you and all you have to do is take Christ’s hand to accept that gift of freedom and begin to live for Him and others, not yourself.


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