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Giving Up


​When Christians say that they are willing to give everything to God in order to follow Him, they often don’t realize that God will immediately test that. Sometimes He’ll ask for everything, but most of the time God will pick the one thing in your life that will mean the most to you– all of a sudden, it’s a game changer for that person. They’re in a personal dilemma. Do they choose God as they say they would or do they try and bargain with God? 

This is a recurrent theme in the Old and New Testaments. It’s something that God repeatedly keeps telling us– “why do you forsake me for things created by man?” 

Because it makes me feel good is our answer. 

Most of the time,  the things God asks of us are difficult… Very difficult.  And the things of this world are easy. Before anyone can come to God to follow Him,  they must read everything that God says is the cost of following Him. 

Remember the movie The Santa Claus? Remember how Tim Allen got trapped into doing the job of Santa Claus? Because he didn’t read the fine print. He didn’t want to do it, he had a comfortable life that he didn’t want to give up.  But in time, he came to realize that being Santa Claus was the better thing in his life. 

God is the same way.  He doesn’t promise to give you everything you want, but he promises to show you that life with Him is better than a life apart from Him. 

The pleasures of the world are fleeting ,  and they drag you back for more and more,  these are just distractions.  God is the ultimate joy in this life and for those who truly follow Him, they find contentment, both physical and spiritual. 

Abraham,  David,  Jesus,  and many more are prime examples of this.  They did not set their gaze on earthly things,  but rather on the things of God in heaven. Like them, we should immerse ourselves in God and walk with Him. If we hold anything back in our hearts and lives from Him,  can anyone truly say that we are following God with all of our hearts? 


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