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Are You Afraid Of The Dark?


So i haven’t written anything in a while,  and I figured it was time I do so. I’ve been feeling this pull to do so since last week. After Tuesday night especially. I work with a few people who were desperately hoping that Clinton would win,  and when that didn’t happen, they were afraid. And try as I might, I couldn’t convince them that their fears were unfounded. See, it would be the same for me if Clinton had won– I’m a follower of Christ, and over the course of the last decade,  Christ’s followers have been marginalized and treated with scorn and hate for what they believe, and i believe it would have only gotten worse under Clinton.

But I digress and have already delved too much into the political realm, I only did so to set the foundation for what I would really like to talk about.  And this is for all my friends who I work with who are afraid of what this election will bring.  And I’d like to begin by asking this question:  ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?

And by the dark, I speak metaphorically. The “dark” really represents the unknown. And to a degree, we’re all afraid of the unknown. We never know what each day will bring.  In fact,  for all of us, we never know if the next breath we take will be our last. I was talking sports today with a coworker, she’s a Steelers fan, but was talking about how the team’s current performance would give her a heart attack one of these days.  It’s a very fatalistic way of approaching life,  but it paints an accurate picture of what I’m talking about. 

For a person who is separated from God, there is no assurance, the unknown will always remain a mystery.  For all those people who placed their ultimate hope in a presidential candidate and then saw that hope dashed upon jagged rocks, their fear is actually extremely real. They don’t know what to expect now.

I only have 1 answer to that fear… turn to God.

God has a few things to say about the fear of the dark…

1. Do not place your hope in men (Psalm 146)
2. Repent of your wrongdoing and humble yourself before God  (2 Chronicles 7:14) and
3. Pray (Philippians 4:5-7)

God has always been the one most constant person in the universe. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever more. He is immutable (Isaiah 40:8).

People ask me how I can just continue in to each day and not be afraid of what it might bring.  My answer has always been the same–  because my hope in God gives me courage to face the unknown,  and if that day ends up being the day that God calls me home to Him,  then I know where I’ll be going when I wake up on the other side.

See, my hope is not in anything physical such as wealth, fame,  drugs,  or women.  All those things pass away over time,  but God will always remain.

Christ came to this earth to show us the way and He provided the way with his death and resurrection.  If any of my friends would like to know more about this and how they can have the same eternal hope and not be afraid of what the future brings,  please I invite you to come talk to me.



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