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Who To Vote For–To Be or Not To Be

I never thought the day would come where, politically speaking, conservatives would turn on conservatives. The reason? Within the conservative circle, the #NeverTrump crowd is treated with disdain and looked upon as cowards for not supporting the GOP frontrunner, and the supporters of Trump are acting very much like the Liberal Left–intolerant and hypocritical! Let’s get one thing straight: NEITHER SIDE IS WASTING THEIR VOTE, EVEN THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT HILLARY CLINTON! In my mind, a person’s vote, when cast, is never wasted. Trump supporters, STOP trying to cow the Never Trumpers into submission and into voting for Trump–they, like me, probably don’t think he is fit to be president, and does not match the idea of constitutionalism, though he speaks like one, in the long run. Here are three reasons why I think that is:
1) A lot of what Trump has promised, can ONLY be enacted through legislation by Congress–Congress has the power of the purse and what they say the Executive Branch can or can’t do is what matters. What happens when Trump can’t have his way? For years, I have complained of Obama and his “power of the pen.” I firmly believe that if I vote Trump, I will be voting for the exact same thing and that would make me a hypocrite.
2) Family–I believe the family is the bedrock of any society, and that it begins with a husband and wife. Trump has yet to prove to me that he has left his past life concerning women behind. A big step in that direction would be him owning up to all this instead of deflecting off the issue. All I see happening, if I vote Trump, is another fiasco like that of Bill Clinton happening. If I vote for Trump, what does that say about me as a man who might some day become a husband and father? Even if that woman votes Trump herself, I cannot bring myself to vote for someone who has such a low opinion of women, veterans, the unborn, or the disabled.
3) Voting for the “lesser of two evils” is still voting for evil. And as a follower of Christ, voting for Trump just to keep a vote away from Hillary is me selling myself out. 1 Corinthians 10:31 says I am to do everything for the glory of God–in secret and in public. And everything secret and public will be made known by God when He calls me to stand before Him, and when He asks why I did this, I don’t want my answer to be “I did it simply to keep Hillary out of the White House” rather I want it to be “I believed to be serving you by upholding the values and principles you have named important in society over that of just trusting in a man to do so.”
Dear friends, your vote IS important, regardless of who you choose to throw your support behind. And I have called out liberals, namely supporters of Clinton, for being hypocritical and intolerant of conservatives. But I thought I would never see conservatives act the same way–we’ve always thought ourselves champions of everyone’s right to free speech, but the moment there’s division over the GOP frontrunner, we who don’t follow the rest of the crowd are viewed as traitors for simply wanting to cast our vote in such a way that our beliefs, values, and principles remain in tact. Like the church, we can and must stand united if we wish to see this country become great again, but we should not turn on each other because of a difference of opinion. And like Glenn Beck, if me voting third party or writing my candidate in means that Hillary wins the White House, then that is a consequence that I am prepared to accept.
Voting my conscience means letting my beliefs dictate who would be the best candidate. And this is exactly how the Founding Fathers wished the people to cast their vote, for they believed in a formula where the people offering their service to be in the Highest Office in the Land would be moral and virtuous leaders–well, they never envisioned seeing this conundrum popping up at all. For me, I view neither of the candidates as this, so it falls to me writing my candidate in and then looking at the Senate and the House of Representatives to ensure that constitutionalists remain there.
I am sorry if this offends any of you who are voting Trump, but like I said–I don’t believe your vote is any more wasted than mine, which is to say not wasted at all, even if you vote Hillary. For you are voting your belief and principles, all I ask is for me and people who think like me to do the same and to have those beliefs respected, just like we claim to be upholding when we see abuses of people’s First Amendment rights–if you try to cow someone into submission and mock them into voting for Trump, you are TRAMPLING their First Amendment rights and if you claim to respect that right as sacrosanct, then you are a hypocrite for doing otherwise in this regard.

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