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Yesterday, I released a post titled “Dating” and in it, I addressed men and women respectively…Apparently one reader didn’t like that I had harsher words for men than I did for women. Well, I would just like to clarify a few things.

  1. I’m a man, not a woman. I am more directly suited to call out men than I am women because I know how men speak, act, and think in today’s society, generally speaking.
  2. Women, when searching for that love of their life, need to know that when they open themselves up emotionally, they will have faith that the man will not hurt them.

Men, in a relationship, we are called by God to live up to a very high standard. He created and gave us women because He found, at the beginning of creation, one thing that was NOT GOOD in all of His creation–what was it? God said that it was not good for man to be alone. But since God created her, man is obligated to live up to certain responsibilities  to her.

In the letters that Peter writes in the New Testament, he calls woman the weaker vessel. Does this mean she is not capable of taking care of herself? Certainly not! But women have always been more able to express what they are thinking through their emotions more than men can–meaning that women show emotions more easily than men. I AM SPEAKING GENERALLY HERE, please do not think that I’m painting with a broad brush here. But in my experience, women are more prone to do that to men. And as such, they are more easily hurt than men can be. Men can be hurt badly, but we are able to recover emotionally a lot easier than women can–women it sticks in their minds the previous experience when they opened up their hearts and feelings to a man they thought loved them, only for the man to take their hearts and stomp it into the ground. Thus, making harder for the actual good guys to have a fair shot at winning the heart of the woman of their dreams.

And here’s the cause of it–SOCIETY.

Society has basically ingrained it into our children’s minds that casual sex is okay, and that has bled over into how men and women relate to each other. Men think that a woman is a simple object they can use and toss aside when they’re done, and women for the most part have just accepted that as a fact of life and have decided to live with it or even take part in the casual sex culture. Basically saying: “There’s no chance for change.”

Hence my letter to men and women in yesterday’s post. To use a fellow writer for a moment, and I hope she forgives me for doing this. But she has been having a tough time opening up to her readers about her past–to people she’ll most likely never meet face to face. Just recently in a few of her posts, she has made the effort to go back into the dating world. My hope for her is to find that one guy who will look at her entirely–flaws and perfections, and realize that her imperfections make her perfections all the more beautiful. That’s my prayer for her–but imagine if she opens up to a guy and a guy just takes  her and just uses her for his own self-gratification. My friend, if you read this, I hope that you just are encouraged by this. I really have enjoyed following you and learning more about your story through your writings!

Men of God, if you really do claim to be a part of God, then you must realize the sacrifices He will ask of you in your life. Our God is not one to stand idly by–He has his standards for women to be godly women, for sure. But He has the standard set so much higher for men than He does for women. He calls for us to “be strong and very courageous.”

So I have two questions for you….

Do you want to be like Adam, who stood idly by and did nothing while Eve threw herself in harm’s way?


Do you want to be like Jesus who stood up and said enough, and set the bar for what it looks like to be very strong and courageous?


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  1. Thank you so much for your prayer:) I am seriously so touched by this. You’re a great friend. God is good ❤️ always enjoy reading your blog!!

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    • dkandtb says:

      For some odd reason, I have the settings set to where i need to approve comments, just gotta figure out how to turn that off. Anywho, I’m glad I can be a friend Caralyn. And if you ever truly want to be friends off of WordPress, just let me know. I’m always on the lookout for new friendships with people far and wide and friends are something I hold very dear to me. I believe I follow you on your Twitter and Facebook pages for your blog site.

      God is always good. At times, it may not look like it and we question his decisions. But as Scripture says, God’s wisdom looks like foolishness even to the most wise 🙂 Just remember to rely upon Him, He will carry you through everything, as He has done through that darkest point in your life. I’m right there with you as a fellow brother in Christ to support you!


  2. Thank you so much for your prayer:) this seriously touched my heart. You’re a great friend. God is good ❤️ always enjoy reading your blog!


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