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I Have A Dream…To Make America Great Again


No, this is not a declaration of support for Donald Trump. But rather, my thoughts on the current status of our country. For those who read, this will be a little break from the devotional posts I’ve been writing. But between the political leaders who have been dividing us to BLM throwing fuel on the fire, I feel the need to address this. Because I believe one of the greatest spiritual leaders and a voice for change would be saddened with the current state of affairs in our country. Martin Luther King Jr. would look at us, I believe, and be horrified that in the last 8 years, we have taken a huge backwards step from seeing his dream become a reality. If you remember that famous speech, you’ll definitely remember knowing what he wanted to see accomplished in this country. For those of you who don’t know what it says exactly, take the time and PLEASE listen.

Phenomenally inspirational, right? Well, while things weren’t perfect, people had respect for each other. People could sit down and have a discussion with other people of every background–religion, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, etc.

Now, this is not an excoriation of BLM–but rather a call for them to change the tone of their message. Look at how MLK did things and ask yourselves, “Would he be a part of what we are doing?” If you are looting, rioting, and burning places to the ground, I think the answer would be no. Why? Because it went against the non-violence he preached. By doing those things, my dear readers, you are only tearing at the fabrics and widening the divide.

And if you also believe that you should be getting the things you are demanding simply because of your skin color or going against people because of their skin color–you are also defeating what MLK wanted–he wanted people to be judged by the content of their character and actions, not their skin color. If someone calls you a thief and you reply that they’re only saying that “because you’re black,” while you have been caught stealing, then you are in denial.

It is true that I don’t see someone’s color, because if I don’t know you then how can I make an accurate assessment of who you really are. That prejudice prevents me from getting to know the real you. Same goes for you. If you see my skin color (white) and say I’m racist because of that, then you are preventing yourself from getting to know the real me.

When we hear of a police officer shooting someone, the first thing we ask or the first thing we hear, especially in headlines, is the skin color of the police officer and the skin color of the person he shot. “White cop shoots unarmed black teen” is what we see and hear the most often, rather than “Police Officer Shoots Unarmed Teen.” Why? Because the media, especially the leftist media, has an agenda and wants to paint police officers in an extremely bad light. Notice how  in the case of Michael Brown, the autopsy report and crime scene notes didn’t get any coverage, even though the grand jury based everything up on those two things since the eyewitness testimony was completely unreliable. But no one wants to hear facts and any time facts are used, people play the race card even though the facts aren’t racist, they’re just a reality.

Let’s face it–racism only exists because there are those who want to throw fuel on the fire to keep it alive because without it, they have nothing to do. They have nothing to blame for all the troubles and obstacles they face and don’t want to admit that they exist because of their own choices or do not want to take advantage of the opportunities given to them.

America will only be great again when people can sit down and respectfully discuss and talk about things with each other without having to say people are racist. Racism will only die when people accept the fact that the majority of my generation and those that follow aren’t going to be racist…Unless the people who hate others and want to believe things are just inherently racist teach it to their children, such as those of other ethnicities want to believe about the American system. However, the things in place such as welfare, affirmative action, and every other kind of government-nanny policy that exists simply exists because of the sole reason for it says this of people of different races and ethnicities: that they cannot succeed on their own. And for the record, these are Democratic policies and the history of the Democrat Party is one of historical racism and animosity towards those people groups. Not saying go all out and support the Republican Party, but please think about the policies of the Democratic Party before you support them. I don’t support them for the sole reason that I believe people can do things on their own if they are given the correct support system–meaning friends and family to come around them and help them. Communities can be the ultimate and best support system for someone if they simply make know what they need.

Some will call me racist or bigoted, but please realize that I believe in the utmost best in people, and I believe that even when people make the worst decisions in their lives, I believe that God can turn them around and I am willing to show them that power and that their circumstances doesn’t have to define them. Be more than your skin color, be someone that can provide the utmost best for everyone in society-red, yellow, black, and white as well as every color in between. We are more than what we are on the outside–this country’s longest problem has always been the problem of race relations, but until we decide to judge each other by actions rather than by color, we will never get past it. And MLK’s dream that he pronounced in front of the Lincoln Memorial will always remain what it is–a dream, never a reality.

“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

–Galatians 3:28



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