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The Struggles of the Daughters of the Heavenly King


Let me just say that I am NOT, I repeat and emphasize NOT, saying that I know exactly how women are feeling–I’m not a woman so I won’t presume to know what women are feeling concerning the topic I am going to talk about. 56443410

It would be suicide for me to do that anyways–the last thing I need are a bunch of angry women coming at me.


This blog post comes as a result from just reading a fellow bloggers page and hearing her story. I won’t reveal who it is, but she’ll know if she decides to read this–and I can’t presume to know why she went through what she did, but her site has gotten me to thinking about why women do things they do to themselves, supposedly all in the name of a better self-image?

Lady readers, you can comment all you like as to why that is, I’m not going to presuppose the reasoning of all of you if you have struggled with that notion–guys go through it too but for ladies I think it goes to an extreme and comes as a result of a patriarchal culture. Now, men if you read this I’m not bashing on any of you, we do struggle with our self-image, but it’s more external struggling than it is for ladies, which I think can be internal. What I mean by that is that men, we think the best way for us to have a really good image is to have the perfect girlfriend, house, car, job, kids, education. What I mean for women when I say internal is that women seem to struggle internally with their self-image when they look at themselves in the mirror, they look at their body, face, clothes, etc. and in order to better themselves, they abuse their bodies physically and their minds mentally (usually telling a lie to themselves until they actually think it’s a truth) in order to meet what society says is perfect for them.

What men and women forget to realize is that society is notoriously wrong about how to live life, and they purport things as facts but really are the most harmful of lies. And Satan uses society to do these things–and some of you will go “oh man, he just went biblical on us!” Darn straight I’m gonna get some Jesus on y’all!!! It’s part of why I write–to encourage my fellow believers and to spread the word of Christ to those who haven’t heard!

But this is one is for the encouragement of the ladies…

Ladies, if you’re doing all these different things to yourself to get the perfect image of yourself, I just got two words for you…Screen-Shot-2015-03-15-at-2.04.37-PM


And before you start giving excuses as to why it’s okay, I repeat….



And just in case you missed it….



Some of you reading this may not share my belief, for one reason or another. But I just want to tell you that GOD is the one you should be looking to please–not a man, not your friends, not your clique, and certainly not the rest of society! It’s impossible to please everyone and you will be the only one hurt in the final end.

God doesn’t look at the physical appearance–He looks at the heart! And when He looks at you in the midst of all your life struggles, His heart BREAKS for YOU! Look at it this way ladies, if you were the absolute last person on earth and God wanted to save you by dying for you–He’d do it! And He already did at the cross.

Why does God care so much for you? I’m not just being cliche with what I said before–there is an absolute reason as to why God looks at you as the CROWN JEWEL of His creation. It’s because you bear His image. His image on you is distorted because of your sin, but Christ came and repaired all that!!!!!!!!

Do you remember the story of the woman caught in adultery in the book of John? How did Christ respond to that? Christ defended her–not because of the fact that she was a woman, but rather he saw into her soul and saw a broken hearted soul longing for healing and love. When you look at Scripture, you see that it was the culture who relegated women as not being important, rather than Scripture. Scripture actually upholds and puts women on a pedestal and calls the men of the world to serve her, as Christ served the Church by dying for her.

I don’t know if any of this makes sense, but put your self-image and self-value on a standard where you know that the creator of that standard already loves you and won’t care how you look–you can be without makeup and the perfect hair around God and all He’ll see is a lovely daughter of the King of Heaven. Please ladies, if you have any of the struggles with your self image, turn to God and ask for His help in healing you and bringing you to into a very intimate relationship with His Son. Go to God’s followers and ask for them to pray for you! If you want me to pray, just look for my email in the Prayer Requests post and I will certainly pray for you on the spot!!!






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