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Loving the Wild Things


This week I have struggled.


I literally felt like the person in this picture–getting up in the morning, wrapping hands up and clenching my fists and saying, “Okay Day–bring it on.”

Why have I struggled? Because of what’s been going on in America this week–between those who solely support the police and those who solely support Black Lives Matter. I have been quite literally torn between those two groups. Some may find this hard to believe but I have prayed on this extremely hard, because I am outraged by both sides–the police for creating this atmosphere this week and the Black Lives Matter movement for creating an even worse fallout.

God had an answer for me though–and it was a very simple answer.

“Don’t belong to either side–you belong to me. Live for me and me alone.”

You see, God wants me to love both my enemies and my neighbors. And God’s love seeks these things: Seeking justice and loving mercy. God’s love is so infinite that I can quite literally pull myself out of the filth in this debate, and say that both sides have some rights and some wrongs. And then move on to the next stage which is to help bridge the divide between the two sides.

But most people don’t want to love their enemies–they find it too difficult and would rather live the easy life. Sorry people, but there is no reward in loving only those who love you.

You see, we can find the perfect response to all this in what Jesus did on the cross:


Pray for those who persecute you.

“Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”

So, yes–black lives matter, blue lives matter, but until we start showing the love of Christ–all these phrases will remain where they’re at–just words on a page with a whole bunch of unresolved issues.

Let’s all love each other with God’s love for we are all WILD THINGS WITH TERRIBLE HEARTS.



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