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Shattered Pieces






If you haven’t ever listened to the band Red, and you have struggled with the darker side of life, this group’s music will speak to you. Most of their music deals with the frailty of human life, the thoughts that one has when suffering, and how God is the ultimate answer to all of it.

Today, I am speaking on how we end up like broken pieces of glass. And to speak specifically, I am going to use Jesus’ Prodigal Son parable. We as believers know this story really well. If you are not familiar with it, please follow this this link and read the story real quick, otherwise what I’m saying won’t make much sense.


We’re all like this, we think we can all think that we can do things on our own, and rather than spend time in the protection and love of our Father, we rebel as all children do. And we usually end up falling down into the mud with nothing to offer, and then we degrade ourselves even further by trying to take away the leftover scraps of the world, and then the world says we are worth nothing. And so, we end up a broken mess.

But then, by God’s good mercy, He awakens us to how we are and that we can’t do anything ourselves and so we come back to God, broken and downtrodden, thinking that God doesn’t want us. But, if you notice in the parable, the father comes running out to meet the son and embraces him, even though the son had sinned against his own father. The father forgave his son. And so God the Father does the same with us. He comes running to us and embraces us saying He loves us and forgives us for EVERYTHING we’ve done.

This is a short post, but a highly powerful one that illustrates God’s love for us and how He is just waiting for us to turn to Him and ask for His forgiveness. God isn’t going to force us to ask, but He’s also not going to just hand it out. We have to make the decision to ask Him for it, and then make the decision to repent from those sins. God’s love is not without it’s price. In D.A. Carson’s book, The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God, he says this:

“If you want to see the love of God, look at the Cross. If you want to see the wrath of God, look at the Cross.”

And some of you have emailed me asking why I have been so focused on struggles in life. And my answer has been this: If there is one thing we have in common, it is that we have all struggled with something in our lives and been looking for meaning in it. Myself included, and so I just wish to speak to that and tell you how God has held meaning for me in my life and how He has brought me out of that and given me the meaning in my life to live for Him.


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