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Men of the World–It’s time to Man Up



How many of you have heard of the 116 Clique in the world of Christian rap? Yes, there is such a thing as Christian rap, and like with everything else, not everyone likes it. It’s okay if you haven’t heard of them, but they’re relatively new on the scene, with Lecrae being the most well known of them.

Here’s picture of them if you’d like to know…


Now, this isn’t a critique of music, but rather, a trumpet call to all the “men” out there in the world. I have personal experience with this, but I have finally reached my limit on guys who call themselves men, but then moan and complain about life. Not to mention, and this really gets me hot under the collar, they treat women like crap. If you really want to see the mark of a man who is of questionable character–look at how he treats his wife, girlfriend, his women-friends, how he talks about women in general, and what he’d like to do to them if he is attracted to them. This all speaks to his character. And all this does not make a guy a man–a man has respect for himself, but above all, he has a higher respect for others–regardless of whether he knows them or not. And it should be a high respect where women are concerned. In 1 Peter 3:7, the apostle calls women the weaker vessel, this does not mean that they cannot do everything a man does, but rather, that there are some things that they aren’t prepared for whereas men are prepared for them–emotionally and physically.

I am a single 27 year old guy right now, I have not had the pleasure of meeting that young lady who has captured my heart yet. But in my singleness, I glorify God and I prepare myself spiritually for her so that she may see as much of Christ in me and in our relationship as she can, so that she knows her foundation will continue to grow in that respect. And comment what you will, everyone has their own view on this because God teaches people different things at different times. But I still welcome your feedback on this.

Men of the world, take a listen to 116’s song, Man Up Anthem. It’s hard to imagine that the definition of being a man has fallen so far in relationships. So, I hope to clear it up. In a relationship, a part of you dies spiritually. Why? Because you are no longer living for just yourself, but you are living for that girl you want to be with. She sees something in you that attracts her to you for one odd reason or another (it’s not looks because let’s face it guys, we can have all the muscles but for the most part girls aren’t only attracted to that). As Mark Gungor states: “It’s the little acts of random kindness that got her to fall in love with you in the first place–she already knows you’re ugly.” You see, doing something for someone else causes them to realize who you really are inside. And if it is for that special girl, a girl loves nothing more than when her special guy does even the smallest of things for her.

That’s what it means to be a man of God. 1 Corinthians 13 states it all–“If I have this thing here, but have not love, I am such and such.” Being a man after God’s own heart means dying to yourself and living for others. That is what love is and God demonstrated it for us by stepping down from Heaven to live out a life as a man for others, and demonstrated the ultimate form of love by dying for their sin.


Being a man means living for others and loving others unashamedly. Look at Romans 1:16, which the 116 Clique is named for:

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”

So men, treat the women in your life as if they were your own arm or leg–for who hates their own self? God is in the woman as much as He is in the man, and women deserve our highest respect–even if they make it the most difficult thing to do. Your job is to love them, respect them, and show them the love and glory of Christ.

And to my future girlfriend/wife–if you happen to read this, I am still a work in progress. Far from being perfect and never will be while I live on this earth, I will make mistakes, and I hope to never hurt you, but  I will do what I can for you to help you grow closer in your walk with Christ.

Please leave your comments below–I love hearing thoughts from other people and getting feedback or you can email me at birdt2007@gmail.com.




  1. dkandtb says:

    This has been more of a rant than an actual teaching moment in my mind. It’s the College World Series here, and the bars are filled with people from around the country, and I just happened to be sitting next a bunch of “men” who were disrespecting all the women in the place, even the waitresses who had no choice in being there.


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