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A Letter to the American Church-Remember Hebrews 13:3


To the American Church

Like the country, I do not believe we stand united. This country is no longer the United States of America. It’s all thanks to Obama for this country being at war with itself. But it grieves my heart to see that even the church has gotten caught up in it. In a world where truth is being presented as relative to each person, the Church is called by Christ to be the representation of God’s absolute truth. We are called to be a “kingdom of priests” (1 Peter 2:9-10). But I do not see that even in the people who I call friends.

We are all torn apart by ideas that the secular world has deemed okay to have but flies into the face of Scripture. We are undermining our own mission because we disagree with some stances that other believers have. Some think it’s okay to attend a same sex wedding in order to be a light and others don’t want to burden their spirits with attending and taking part in something where they think that by being there they are sinning. I see both views and both have good merits. However, it is STUPID and ARROGANT to think that the either is not a follower of Christ because they aren’t following what the Bible is telling them personally. Here is the thing—the Bible doesn’t say “Thou shalt not attend a same sex wedding” and the complete opposite is true as well—it doesn’t say “Thou shalt attend the wedding to show the love of Christ.” You know what it does say? Take a look at Romans 14, Church. You can have disagreements with each other, but do NOT judge their spiritual life because only God can do that.

How are we to be this kingdom of priests if we are at each other’s throats??? No one from the secular world will want to be a part of us if we treat our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ with such animosity and contempt—you know how we can be united as Paul calls the Church to be in the book of Ephesians? Speak and walk the Truth in Love. If you’re a true follower of Christ, then you know in your heart that same sex marriage is wrong—but you can’t hold the secular world to God’s standards because it never held itself to it to begin with. As they knock down the walls of absolutes in nature, their world will descend into chaos, that’s the inevitable result of destroying the absolutes God has created. You, however, are to remain stalwart as an apparent ambassador of those absolutes in the world. Do not hold the world to them, but show them what kind of peace, love, and righteousness can occur from living for God. Explain to them why you live that way, know what God’s word teaches. And when you have a fellow brother or sister who doesn’t act the same way as you do, but is still living according to the word, do not be arrogant, angry, or think highly of yourself in thinking that they are not living for Christ. The Holy Spirit may be speaking to them in such a way that they cannot do the same things you do—so what should your answer be? STAND WITH THEM AND SUPPORT YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST WHEN THEY MAKE A STAND FOR CHRIST—nothing is more detrimental to someone’s spirits than thinking they have people at their back only to turn around and find that their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are doing the exact same thing that the rest of the world is doing—saying they’re unloving, hateful, and proud. I support my brothers and sisters in Christ because I am TIRED of the all the BULLCRAP that the church has pulled consistently. If I make a stand, I hope that my fellow followers of Christ will stand with me because we are all grounded in this:

Jesus is Lord

Jesus died for my sins and the sins of the whole world

Jesus died and rose again on the third day

Jesus is completely equal in the Trinity with the Father and Holy Spirit

God’s Word is the final authority in my life


If we are all grounded in these same thoughts and understandings, then, even though you disagree with how I live my spiritual life, if it is in alignment with God’s Word, God expects you to stand with me, and all believers, when we come against trials from the Devil and from the secular world. Remember HEBREWS 13:3

“Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.”


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