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A Father is…





I cannot speak from experience in my life as to what a godly father looks like, since I grew up in under a single mother. However, I have seen what a godly father looks like in others lives and what God, through His word, expects of a father. So here is my attempt to explain what a godly father looks like…



Deuteronomy 6:6-9 says to the men of Israel that we are to know the word of God, live the word of God, and teach the word of God to our children. This is further shown in Proverbs 22:6–children learn most from parents, and even more from a very involved father. Both parents are looked up to by children, but God gives the heavy responsibility of teaching the children the word of God to the man. Christ shows this to us when he was teaching the crowds and his disciples. He spent every waking moment he could teaching them what God expects of us in living a righteous life for Him.


A SOURCE OF DISCIPLINE AND COMPASSION- Psalm 103:13 and Proverbs 3:11-12

Children are bound to do things that get us upset, but we must understand that, as children, they do not have the knowledge or experience that we have to realize that what they are doing is not good. God disciplines us because He knows something about life we don’t and shows us the correct path, He doesn’t give up or demean us when we do something wrong in our walk, and even the disciples when Jesus was with them did idiotic things. A perfect example of this is the relationship between Jesus and Peter. Peter was by far the most enthusiastic and sometimes not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But Jesus was patient with him (even though Jesus knew what he would become later, which some could term as cheating ha-ha) but Jesus had to bring the knowledge and experience to Peter so that he could become the leader in the church later. After the death of Christ, Peter felt extreme shame for denying Christ, but Jesus knew that his heart was frail spiritually, but showed extreme love, compassion, and discipline to him when he reinstated him to the disciples after his resurrection.



A father stands between his family and those who wish do them harm spiritually and physically. The father is the very embodiment of the Word of God in his home. A wife and mother is as well, but God has different expectations of them to live the Word of God, for the man, God has placed this responsibility upon him. God will jealously protect his followers and lead them down the path of righteousness. A leader knows where he stands before God, and is firm in his belief in Him.


Granted, this is probably not all that God expects of men in families, but it’s the starting point for every man of God who wishes to lead his family.


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