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For The Glory of God


Scripture References: Exodus Chapters 19-20, 32, 1 Corinthians 10

A lot of people of called me bigoted, hateful, slime, and a host of other names that I won’t pollute your mind with here on this page. Why is this? Because I use my voice and words to help people use their common sense, and to help people see why I believe what I believe and why others share that.

Recently, an article was posted on the Newsweek website. The link provided below:


This author says that Christian business owners who don’t follow the gay agenda are not following their faith–showing that Christ was loving and all that and the usual lines that supporters of LGBT use against Christians. Now, I realize there are some members of the LGBT community who are, in fact, standing with Christian business owners, and I commend them for their understanding attitudes.

To the rest of you who are not so understanding, perhaps I can try and help you understand in a better light.

Most say that there is nothing in Scripture that prevents Christians from serving gay marriages. I would tend to disagree. It may not be blatant, but there is a standard and a story example. The Scripture references above are what I’m referring to. Even if you may not believe them, Christians do and so you must take them into account.

Aaron was supposed to be a leader for the people in Moses’ absence while Moses received the written Law from God. Aaron was to be the prime example of following God in the Hebrew community. He should have stood firm when the people came to him and said to make gods for them. Instead, he used his abilities to steer the people away from God, and when confronted by Moses, he lied.

In much the same way, when a Christian stands before God, everything they’ve done in their lives will be taken into account and they must answer for their actions. That doesn’t make Christianity a works-based faith, but everyone must stand before God in judgment.

The standard for a believer, even a business owner, is found at the end of 1 Corinthians 10, in verse 31. In everything we do, do for the glory of God.

If something is outside of God’s will or plan or structure of something that God has made holy, such as marriage–a believer cannot be a part of it. Even if it means they could be a light to them, by attending it and even participating in it in ways such as baking cakes, taking pictures, and making t-shirts–they cannot be a part of it because doing so would legitimize the message and that, in turn, would grieve the Holy Spirit.

A friend of mine at school put it like this: “If you are taking part in the darkness, then how can you be a light?” You can’t–it’s as simple as that. The Bible is the final authority for believers and you may not like this, but every believer who stands by God’s Word has the same mindset of Peter and the apostles in Acts 5:29, where Peter said:

“It is better to obey God than men.”

Does this mean that, for believers, God’s law is higher than any law written by man? You bet your bottom dollar it does. Just read the story of the three men thrown into the blazing furnace in the book of Daniel. That’s the best example of this.

The chief purpose of man is to give glory to God in everything he or she does–privately and publicly.



  1. theclippedbutterfly says:

    “If you are taking part in the darkness, then how can you be a light?”

    Wow.. That was enlightening

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