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Inclusiveness…At The Expense of Others


Social Justice Warriors-meet me, Thomas, Warrior of the Constitution


So, some of you may have already heard about Target’s plan to open up its restrooms to adult transgenders because having them going to the restroom of their biological sex stigmatizes them–excuse me, but boo-hoo I have yet to see a transgendered person or hear of one being so psychologically hurt that they are forced to go into the restroom of their biological sex.

Now, I have been one to champion a business’ right to make its decisions about how it operates, and this is no exception. Target is well within its rights to do this. However, my problem is that with no apparent standard to adhere to, letting any man or woman into the restroom of the gender they identify with brings more problems into the equation than it eliminates. What’s to stop a man who is a sex offender or a future one from claiming he identifies as a woman, going into a ladies locker room, and hurting a woman or little girl? I ask any man who is married and has children–would you seriously let your daughter and wife go into a restroom or locker room where there was a full-grown adult male in there simply because he said he identifies as female? Would you?

This is the problem with all these bathroom bills–there is no standard and the people championing transgender rights don’t want there to be any standards for them to meet. They want it open-ended.

Consider the picture below…SOR

This is a map with the locations of all the sex offenders, all male within a 2 mile radius of downtown of the city of Omaha. There is a Target right across the Missouri River. Now, with Target’s new policy, what’s to stop any of these men to go in there and commit another crime? With Target’s open-ended policy, nothing could stop them.

Some will ask me why I am not supportive of transgender rights. My answer to them is this question–why is the government obligated only to uphold the rights of .03% of the population? The government is charged with protecting all rights of the citizens–meaning that if one right conflicts with another, the government is required to find the middle ground to protect all citizens, not just one side.

Our Founders made this the purpose of government because of what John Locke theorized. Locke posited that every human had a right to life, liberty, and property. These weren’t the only rights, but they were the chief ones. However, he charged that government is to protect those natural rights that the individual cannot effectively protect in a state of nature.

To all you Social Justice Warriors, I know this will come as a shock and outrage that everyone must be protected, not just the people you want. But here’s the rub–our country was founded upon the idea of equal protection under the law, but how is it equal if only one group of people get what they want and the other side doesn’t?

If transgendered people want to feel safe and secure, then they should know how women and children should be wanting to feel when they use a public restroom or locker room. Remember, it only takes 1 and only 1 nut to prove all my points true. So, please understand me when I’m saying I am only using the brain that the good Lord gave me. It’s pure common sense. We have seen what happens when laws and rules are open-ended and have no standards to apply. Chaos reigns.




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