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The End of the Great Experiment???


So, this presidential election cycle has, thus far, been the most tumultuous one I have seen. We have seen the rise, and dare I believe it, of another possible “Bill Clinton.” This person is Donald Trump. Amazingly, that’s on the GOP side of the election. From what he says, he is the far right and as far as you can go on the political spectrum. On the far left, we have two other candidates-Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. It’s hard to determine who is further left of those two. It really is. But that is not the purpose of this article–the purpose of it is to explain how the possible nomination and election of either of these three candidates effectively means the end of what Alexis de Tocqueville called “The Great Experiment.”

Benjamin Franklin implied in a discussion that our great American Republic will always live on a knife’s edge when a woman asked him this question:

“What do we have doctor, a monarchy or republic?

Franklin’s response was “A republic, madam, if you can keep it!”  


A republic is a delicate form of government–requiring a constant balance of power between branches of government. Any time that one branch gets more than the others, it is the end of the republic. This is something that the Founding Fathers wanted to avoid, and something that Alexander Hamilton, under the alias of Publius, wrote in his Federalist Papers 69 and 70 when he was defining the powers of the Executive branch as well as comparing and contrasting the powers of the Executive Branch with the King of Britain and select governors, namely the governor of New York, saying that the power of the Office of the President is inferior to both of these in several regards.

It’s important to note these inferiorities because the lion’s share of support for the candidates I just named earlier are spelling out the end of America as we know it.

With Donald Trump, we have him making OUTRAGEOUS CLAIMS that only a KING can make into a reality. Trump says that he wants to, as president, sue any news agency that publishes stories about him that he doesn’t like, he’ll make the military obey him in his war crimes suggestion of killing the families of terrorists–noncombatants basically. He encourages his supporters at his rallies to beat up the protesters and even says he’ll cover their legal costs. He’s shady on some aspects of his life and on other parts, when confronted with it, he simply says he doesn’t do that or believe that way anymore without offering a single shred of proof. He says he’s a Christian but says he doesn’t have to ask forgiveness for anything–which is a central doctrine to the Christian faith which any true follower of Christ would know that before salvation can happen, one must admit their sins, ask for God’s forgiveness, and turn away from his sinful life. Trump, with his rhetoric, has proven to me that he has not.

Clinton and Sanders–both radical progressives-I will not get into the details of what they want to do-they both want to radically and fundamentally change America. The list is long and I just can’t get into what they want to do. But in order to do it, Trump, Clinton, and Sanders all have to do one thing–bypass the powers of the Legislative and Judicial branches and centralize all power and authority in the Executive branch.



Does anyone not see this? On the Democratic side, it’s inevitable that one of the candidates will get nominated, nothing we can do about that. However, we can prevent them from getting elected in November–but doing that means not nominating Trump on the GOP side.

Trump has what Han Solo calls “delusions of grandeur.”

Jeez, true conservatives are out of it a little while and everyone gets delusions of grandeur.

Yes, I just modified that quote. It fits though. Trump keeps citing polls that he beats Clinton and Sanders in the general election, and yet, when one looks up those polls, Trump is wrong!


Here, this is Real Clear Politics of Trump vs. Clinton, taken from RCP on March 19, 2016.



Here are the polls of Trump vs. Sanders, taken from RCP on March 19, 2016


Mr. Trump, if you continue to deny these numbers, you are not only in denial, but as I said earlier–you are DELUDED.

Now, here is a candidate that has been polled to consistently to beat Hillary and I believe has a chance of toppling Sanders.

Here are the polls of Cruz against Sanders and Hillary, taken from RCP on March 19,2016


Ted Cruz, while still a man and therefore not perfect, is as close to a perfect candidate as we can get this election year. Why? Because he has a proven record of following through with what he says he’s going to do. He’s consistent! And not to mention when you look at his time as the Solicitor General of Texas he can pick up a fight and win. He was named the most influential of minority lawyers in The National Law Journal and one of the 50 best litigators under 45 in the country in the American Lawyer magazine. He knows the Constitution by heart and knows exactly what his job would entail as President. He truly would be the best candidate to choose to maintain the life of The Great Experiment and helping all of us maintain and protect this Republic.


Let’s reignite the promise of America.


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