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Quit the Guilt Trip

AIM militants at their checkpoint on road leading into Wounded Knee 1973.

AIM militants at their checkpoint on road leading into Wounded Knee 1973.


February 27, 1973

A group known as the American Indian Movement (AIM) began an occupation at the Pine Ridge Reservation, at the historic site of Wounded Knee. Most will know that story and this one. The standoff lasted 71 days with 200 some Sioux in control and taking 11 hostages. Shots were fired from both sides-US Marshals and FBI agents responding to the situation and the Sioux shooting trading fire with them. The reasoning for AIM to go this route? Because they believed there was corruption both at the reservation political level and the federal government level in regards to the treatment of Indians. A lot of investigations started because of that. But, in essence, the main reason that can be identified is that these members of AIM believed that their rights and rights of their fellow Indians were being violated. That’s the gist of it. I don’t agree with the methods they took, but they felt like they were being ignored and took drastic measures.

Now fast forward 43 years to January 2016.


Ammon and Ryan Bundy, with the help of a paramilitary group, have taken over an Oregon nature refuge. They say it’s in response to supposed violation of grazing rights by the federal government. I really don’t know much more than that except this militia believes their land rights are in danger. It’s still developing at this point. However, the reasoning behind these ranchers’ actions are the same as that of AIM-they believe their rights are being violated and they feel they are being ignored by the federal government, the state government, and the American people. Once again, I don’t agree with their actions, but I can understand the reasoning–I’d fight back too (albeit in a different way, not with guns) if my rights were being violated.

Then what’s my issue?

My issue is with the response of some people to the situation in Oregon. I just watched a video where one of the militiamen pushed off the table a bunch of sex objects on to the floor that they had received as part of a hate mail campaign against them. Overall, the response from the liberal left has been that these guys are a bunch of racist d****.

Gone are the days of respectful disagreements. People have stooped to the levels of calling people such as these bigots and racists and a whole host of other things that I won’t pollute your mind with. If the Wounded Knee incident had been brought up to liberals, they’d claim that was different and more acceptable because they were Indians and were being oppressed.

I’d like to point out that whenever liberals get into these type of discussions, they are the first ones to turn it into a race issue. Anytime it’s a group of white people, they say they’re racist, bigoted, and privileged. That they don’t have anything to complain about. But the moment that the group isn’t white, they immediately change their tune and say that they are deprived, oppressed, and need all the help they can get.

And yet, the liberals are the ones proclaiming that they supposedly want equality and justice for everyone. But they are against anyone who is white…

I say it’s a case of reverse racism and it’s the Left who are the racists. I’m not trying to bring them down, I’m trying to show them their own hypocrisy.

It is not wrong to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, regardless of race, color, religion, sexual identity, and creed. Some people have called me bigoted and hateful because of certain stances I take in situations or current issues. My response is that I am not hateful or bigoted, but when I see one side’s rights being upheld at the expense of the other side’s, meaning that one side is getting all they want and the other is being downtrodden, I will come to the defense and aid of the side being stepped upon. Why? Because I FIRMLY believe that both side’s rights can be upheld without treating them differently. This country is built upon the principle of BEING EQUAL IN THE EYES OF THE LAW. The moment one side’s rights is upheld at the expense of the other’s, the “other’s” rights are violated, regardless of how anyone tries to spin it. And that’s just wrong.

And most likely, the people I called out will read this and call me a racist and privileged. They’ll try to say how the two examples I’ve given are different, and they’ll try to bring the race issue into it, thus proving the point I just made earlier. They’ll most likely make a point of saying that I couldn’t understand the Indians’ point of view because I’m white.

So allow me to make two points. First off, it is not racist of me to want to defend the rights of everyone on both sides regardless of whether I disagree with them. I would uphold their rights just as much as those who agree with me. The featured image of this post, of the Gadsden Flag is very symbolic of what I’m trying to say. That rattlesnake represents each and every American. A rattlesnake will warn you and prepare to strike when it’s threatened. The warning is in bold letters beneath the rattlesnake–DON’T TREAD ON ME. This is to say each American will fight back with everything they can if their rights are threatened. Sometimes the means of fighting is wrong for the situation, but the right is theirs to stand up for themselves because it is their right to do so and it is what this country is founded upon.

Next, the issue of whether I can understand the Indians’ point of view–I assure you I can. I am a registered member of an Indian tribe and I am familiar with my own tribe’s history with the American government. Their treatment is no different from any other tribe and I am appalled at it. But, I will not bring up old history because I am a forgiving person. To forgive doesn’t mean to forget. But it means I will not hold it against the person or entity I have forgiven. I will do all I can to make sure that the both of us will step together to build a better future, but to bring up old history does nothing but to serve as a hateful tool to guilt the other side into giving in, aka The Guilt Trip. I will not do it. If we all forgave, this world would be a better place.

So, let’s get back to the period where we can come together in the public square, fight for each other’s rights, forgive past offenses, respectfully disagree on issues, and not resort to the liberals’ current tactics–petty, hateful, bigoted, and racist comments towards those who want to stand up for their rights because they don’t serve the liberals’ agenda.



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