So, with this post, I want to kind of take a break from addressing spiritual matters that have been happening in my own life as well as what’s happening in the body of Christ as well. I say kind of because I have friends who are studying to become teachers at my college and I hope they are aware of what’s happening in the public school system but if not, I hope this kind of starts the process for them to steel themselves for what they could be facing as teachers and followers of Christ. Now, in the article above, it is not a direct attack on the Christian faith, but it can be seen as a starting point for it. And no, I’m not talking about the “war on Christmas.” That concept is just so stupid-do believers really believe that Christ cares about a holiday? Yes, Christmas is meant to remind us of Jesus’ birth-but that is not what we should be focusing upon why Jesus was born. Why did He come to earth as flesh and blood? By fighting businesses to keep Christmas in their stores, we are just making ourselves look petty. Okay? Good. (Steps off soapbox). Moving on to my point for this post, what I want to address is the suffocation of ideas and the celebrations of differences in the education system. Funnily enough, it started with higher learning institutions-colleges and universities-and has finally started to trickle down into elementary schools. I don’t need to give examples, the article above does a good job of that. So why is this suffocation bad? Shouldn’t we, as “tolerant” people, get rid of anything that is intolerant and/or offensive to others? And there you have it-that question defeats itself upon being asked. If tolerant people were really tolerant, they’d be accepting of everything even the things that they find offensive, because by excluding the offensive things they become themselves intolerant people, thus defeating any claim of tolerance they want to make.

In the American education system, we have seen this start to run amok. Teachers and administrators have become the thought-police from Orson Welles’ novel, 1984. They punish thought-crime, which in the book is the criminal act of thinking outside the party line and having any kind of individual thought. People are to stick to the Newspeak, which is a prescribed language created by the government that the general populace is to adhere to without fail, or be found guilty of thought-crime.

In the article above, this is one instance of the American Education system (no doubt encouraged by the Obama Administration’s Dept of Education) of trying to remove any kind of free thought or ideas because they might “be offensive to others.”

Has the world’s smallest violin begin to play yet?

Has anyone cried up a river over the thought of being offensive yet?

The point is that by banning these ideas from school, you are removing all historical significance behind them, thus removing a child’s right to learn about everything there is to learn in the world. The only care in the American public school system today is teaching kids today on how not to offend others, thereby bringing up a whole new generation of crybabies when they reach adulthood-most likely turning into the Mizzou Whine-ivists that appeared on campus, over something that, in the grand scheme of things, really wasn’t a big deal.

I wish we could go back to the days when I was in school-those were really the tolerant and pluralistic days. Each year, I learned a lot about different worldviews and opinions, and yes I found some to be offensive and I let my mother know that. You know what she said? Tough it out!!! I was told by my own mother to accept it and learn it, and then figure out how the Bible would address it. Not to complain about it, but how to engage in open discourse about something I disagreed with fundamentally is what encourages tolerance.

I’m all for schools teaching different worldviews and faiths-it’s the only way that students can learn about the world and the people in it, and learn to understand why some people believe what they believe. I’m all for it!! In regards to talking about different faiths, I’d recommend bringing in people who understand it way better than a single teacher could from a textbook that really doesn’t delve into anything-public school textbooks tend to just breeze over the basics and not address anything fundamental.

So why am I offended by what the principal in the provided article is doing?

Because it’s a preemptive strike upon a student’s First Amendment rights. The tolerance and liberals crowd hate that pesky First Amendment. They just can’t stand it, because any time they try to push something out that they don’t like, the people who are being pushed out and punished claim it’s a violation of this amendment and they tend to win repeatedly. Why is this a preemptive strike? Because any time a student violates this ban, they will be punished for having the audacity to do something that they’ve been given every right to do-the right to believe, express, and have new and old ideas in their life. Some of you may ask, “why should I care about this? It doesn’t affect me any!” But therein lies the rub, it does affect you. The First Amendment doesn’t just belong to any one group or individual, it belongs to every single American citizen. The moment that the First Amendment is gone, we no longer have any freedom in this country. That is why the Freedom of Speech, Religion, and Press is so key to our freedom-it keeps the government in check and makes sure that every citizen is protected.

So please, American Education System, please stop bringing up a generation of crybabies and tell them to tough it out. Encourage them to find out all they can about worldviews, faiths, and ideas. Encourage them to come up with new ideas! America was built upon the innovations and ideas of others! This is what can make America great again… Not Donald Trump.




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