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Where Have All the Christians Gone???


where are the christians

I was donating plasma earlier today and a few people next to me were discussing religion and its relation to the current Syrian refugee crisis. I am not going to jump into that debate with this posting-it is not the focus of this entry. The focus of this entry is going to focus upon what one of the people was asking-where have all the Christians gone?

The answer is really simple-we’re still here!!! We want to help the world in any way we can! God’s love is building up within us and we want to share it with the world! But it has gotten extremely more difficult with each passing year. Why is that?

As followers of Christ, we are called to search for opportunities in every aspect of our lives through which we can show the love of Christ and share the Gospel. However, in our postmodern age, the secularization of America has essentially choked out all the areas where we can share our faith. There’s a double standard in secular America. With groups such as the FFRA (Freedom From Religion Association), the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), and the AHA (American Humanist Association) working and fighting (very aggressively mind you) against anything that has to do with faith-even going so far as to make a mockery of it-they have pushed Christ and His followers to the fringes of society and saying no to everything we have to share from the Bible.

But then, when a crisis arises in the world, everyone looks to one group of people and asks, “Where’s this love of Christ you’re talking about? Why aren’t you showing it?” Everyone loves to use the love of Christ from the Bible to use against Christians to show them they are not loving enough. By using the law and government to shove Christianity out of every public square in America, secular society has essentially choked out every avenue that has been available to the followers of Christ to use to show His love. I’m not laying all the blame on secular society either, trust me I have another posting coming soon that calls out Christians for being lazy. While followers of Christ have the First Amendment of the US Constitution on their side, it is evaporating quickly! From where I sit, people want the religious exercise clause to be redefined to only happening in a church. Secular America wants God in a box but they want His love to abound everywhere in America-you can’t have it both  ways!

Why? What do people so vehemently hate about God even though they say they don’t believe in Him? If they don’t believe He exists, then they really shouldn’t be bothered by religious symbols and everything else-it’s just pieces of wood, stone, bronze, silver etc. molded into a certain shape in order for the owner of it to convey a meaning. But an atheist shouldn’t be bothered by it because it holds no meaning for them. I believe, though, that it does hold a meaning for them-and they are afraid of that meaning. And as Master Yoda is saying below:



The reason people who don’t believe in God get upset is because deep down inside, something stirs within them helping them to realize there just might be a higher power-the book of Romans in the Bible talks about this-that God is plain to see in all creation so that mankind is without an excuse, but they shut that down in order to pursue the desires of their hearts (Romans 1). To an atheist, admitting the possibility of a higher power means that they must make themselves accountable to that higher power because there are standards this god has. And that scares the crap out of them!

But you see! What freaks them out about the God of the Bible are His attitudes towards sin!!! Romans teaches us that all of mankind is sinful-regardless of whether or not you have done something wrong (we all have-even if it’s a little white lie to your parents when you were little). It is a black mark on our souls from the moment we are born-something that God never intended to be there. We are His Image-bearers but sin distorts that! All men are created in the image of God and are equal before Him! This is part of what drives a Christian to share their faith with an unbeliever! To see an unbeliever come to a right standing before God and have the righteousness of Christ counted towards him or her!

Without the wrath of God, the Gospel really has no point-the Gospel is about Christ dying to remove the wrath of God from us and onto Him by taking on our sins and then rising up on the third day so that we may know two things: 1)That Jesus is God and master over everything-even death, and 2) that we may know and have eternal life to spend eternity with Jesus in heaven!

This is all part of a Christian showing God’s love to the world, but by choking out every avenue in which a Christian can go down and share that love, you are making that love absent. This isn’t to say that God’s love can be contained (it’s been tried and it’s always ended with God’s love exploding even bigger than ever-hmmm maybe I should rethink this post) but if people really want to see Christians showing the love of God and Christ, they must be ready to accept the whole message of the Gospel-even the bits about sin that is a necessary part of Scripture!

So throw off the chains, Secular America, that you have attached to the Gospel and watch it go to work!


And without further ado: Thank you and good night.




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